Two new Technohull models in high demand from Turkey to USA

-Technohull maintains production despite strict anti-Covid hygiene measures at the Greek yard

-Explorer 40 sold in the US is the first of the new line across the Pond

-70mph-plus and up to 900hp of outboard propulsion

-Extreme seakeeping comfort courtesy of the patented Dynastream hull

-Grand Sport 38 wows with her new twin Mercury Verado 450V8 outboards version:  you don’t have to be an experienced race driver to get the best out of 38GS – the boat will take care of you

Restrictions imposed by the global Covid-19 pandemic have not brought production at TECHNOHULL® to a standstill. Strict hygiene measures have allowed the Greek yard’s skilled workforce to keep building, albeit at a slower pace.

And it is just as well, because TECHNOHULL®’s two newest RIBs have been whipping up interest on opposite sides of the globe. The new Explorer 40 has already sold dozens of hulls in Europe, and now arrives in the US for the first time. Meanwhile, the even sportier 38GS was exhibited in Istanbul with twin Mercury Verado 450V8 engines.

Explorer 40 arrives in the US

After hitting the water in Greece, the first of the exciting new Explorer 40 line has arrived in Miami where TECHNOHULL® has already sold a fully-specced boat to local American clients.

The Explorer 40 is the latest of TECHNOHULL®’s mould-breaking boats, combining exhilarating speed with extreme stability and safety at sea. It is able to balance these two characteristics because of its patented Dynastream hull, with three distinct ventilated steps.

This shape is the result of years of research TECHNOHULL® ‘s in-house naval engineering team. Its extreme efficiency allows the hull to plane at just 14mph, while the deep-V deflects spray in a seaway and makes light of tough conditions.

No compromise: power AND comfort

A range of inboard and outboard propulsion options push this athletic boat to a top speed of more than 75mph. For peak performance, choose a pair of Mercury 450 motors toting an awesome 900 total horsepower. You can mount up to two outboards on the notched transom, or go inboard with two of Volvo’s new V6-440 hydraulic drives, packing 880hp.

Don’t think for a moment that the technical capacities of the Explorer 40 mean that comfort has been neglected – far from it. American and European clients alike have commented on the spacious decks, extensive lounging areas and convenience of having a day heads and double bed down below.

There is a sunpad and a deep, comfy seat at the bow, while owners can choose from more seating or sunbeds aft. There is a fridge, wet bar and espresso machine, high-end Fusion entertainment system and the choice of a sleek hard top or a simple bimini for shade. It all adds up to a formidable family cruiser.

Explorer 40 brief specifications

L.O.A: 12,1m

Beam: 3,50m

Hull: Deep V ventilated steps

Displacement: Approx 4.500kg

Fuel Capacity: 800L

Water Capacity: 130L

Max Engines: 2x450HP

Engine Options: Inboard/Outboard


38GS impresses in handling also new boat comers

Despite the blistering performance of TECHNOHULL®’s new 38 Grand Sport, it is the safety and comfort that has really been attracting attention.

Just like the Explorer, the hull is built to the Dynastream design, guaranteeing super stable handling even at extreme pace. It also means that you don’t have to be an experienced race driver to get the best out of 38GS – the boat will take care of you. The boat can easily handle up to 1350hp, but the standard configuration of twin Mercury Verado 450V8 outboards is proving the most popular. Whatever you choose, you can expect safe and comfortable handling even in heavy seas.

The superyacht finish that TECHNOHULL® strove so hard to achieve is proving hugely popular. The Greek shipyard has built boats to match the interior design of a number of much bigger motherships, with detailing in an array of fabrics and colours.

Grand Sport 38 brief specifications

L.O.A: 11,1m

Beam: 3,20m

Hull: Deep-V ventilated steps

Displacement: Approox 3.500kg

Fuel Capacity: 600L

Water Capacity: 100L

Max Engines: 2X450HP (3×450 super-sport edition)

Engine option: Outboard

(*) Top speed indications are based on TECHNOHULL®’s factory testing program. Actual boat speed may vary depending on weight, fuel load, water conditions, wind, engine package, engine tuning, propellers, number of passengers and numerous other factors.



About TECHNOHULL® – A sea story of Greek pride

TECHNOHULL® is a Greek company known for their impressively fast and safe high-end RIBs. Over the last fifteen years, the experienced and enthusiastic TECHNOHULL® team has expanded in the international boating market, achieving both remarkable and stable growth in production and sales. Based in Athens, TECHNOHULL® has a business network that promotes the excellence of “Made in Greece” with their one-of-a-kind aesthetic taste, design & innovation appeal.
TECHNOHULL®, after 14 years and many hundred RIB produced has become one of the most respected producer of high-performance luxury boats. It all started in Alimos (Athens), where passionate RIB owners were looking for a better option for their concept of performance related luxury. So they decided to build their own RIBs. Since then the company’s growth has never stopped, and the company has never forgotten the yard’s mission: to provide the ultimate in high performance finely finished RIBs. Today the yard offers a complete product mix, with more than 30% annual growth and 60% of turnover coming from exports. A successful Greek case history, based on innovative thinking, obsession to detail, real hard work, an aesthetic touch and passion. Since the company’s inception, TECHNOHULL®’s mission is based on four core values: extreme performance, perfect safety and seaworthiness, top efficiency and long distance travelling ability.

Each element of a TECHNOHULL® RIB is produced and installed by highly expert in-house artisans, from the mould and hull layers to the teak decks.Every single model unit is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull model to best fit the length and the different characteristics required by its owner. Highest quality materials are selected in every construction and finishing process. Top quality gelcoat color multi-directional fibers and high-quality resins are standard in every boat. All TECHNOHULL® models are equipped with ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tube fabrics. Vacuum infusion technology, epoxy materials and of course hand-laid polyester are all combined when producing the composite elements. Completing the sophisticated hull design, top quality techniques and materials are applied throughout – the required process for building a masterpiece. Many parts are built of pure carbon fiber, further reducing overall weight. Throughout the production process ISO 9001:2008 standards are strictly followed.


TECHNOHULL® DynaStream patented hull technology. By evaluating the working envelope of each model and the demands of the range, TECHNOHULL® has derived separate hull design constraints. Using state-of-the-art computer programmes and hull structure algorithms, key hull design aspects have been confirmed. After several design loops, the hydrodynamic profile is streamlined. As a result, strake geometry, step number, step positioning and the variable dead-rise distribution along the hull’s surface have been optimised. The combination of the above has resulted in a boat that is perfectly balanced, efficient and extremely seaworthy, perfect for fast commuting, yet with a very smooth and safe ride, providing a high thrill factor both for the expert and newcomer.