Reborn through Art, Color and Nature

Spring style and design for the bold

By Benjamin-Émile Le Hay | Traductor María Iriondo

Looking to the future, we envision a new chapter this spring. One that enrolls us in natural beauty, artistic expression and the discovery of fresh ideas, designs and wardrobes. 

Your only mission is to be inspired through bold color, energetic designs and fabrics that make you convey both your resilience and independence. This spring’s fashion finds focus on artist-spirited or created accessories, timepieces, shirts and outerwear, many of which are limited editions. There are even nods to the celestial as well as astrology.

Raincoats and vibrant knitwear invite us to leap into adventures on the water and in the woods.

Our favorite jackets and footwear are more suited for festive outdoors occasions or backyard cocktails. There is a focus on cardinal and fire hues, denim blue, modern patterns and cozy, athletic fits. Update your wardrobe with two or three key pieces that make you happy at home and donate items in your closet that you no longer cherish. Better yet, find something you truly do covet and give it to a dear friend who’s struggling, needs to smile or could use engagement.

Haircare is king when it comes to primping and priming for summer. Nourishing masques, oils and customized treatments will save your tired tresses.

When the dénouement of a long winter evolves into an uncertain start to spring, we hope the new season brings more joy, peace and hope. Why not toast to life or, at the very least, enjoy a relaxing, outdoor, socially-distanced cocktail? We close this edition with the finest of clear spirits and suitable accoutrement that Yachting Times has sampled, mixed and swished for the start of 2021. From silver rum to blanco tequila, gin, Cachaça, mixers and of course vodka: with less congeners, and allergens– they may be the way to go this season!