On The Arcadia A105 Sea Coral 2

The most exclusive designer brands make the difference

Sea Coral 2, the third hull in the award-winning ARCADIA A105 series, stands out not only for the originality of its design, but also for a special selection of furnishings and accessories.

  • Furniture solutions that enhance comfort and liveability
  • Quality guaranteed by the best “made in Italy” brands chosen among the most known on the international market: B&B Italia, Cantalupi, Cairo, Cassina, CTO Lightning, CVL, Flos, Gervasoni, India Madhavi, Living Divani, Maxalto, Modular Quasar Holland, Roda, Royal Botania, Tom Dickson, Trizo 21
  • Klein Blue (named after the painter Yves Klein), a very intense electric blue, is the dominant colour on board
  • Ample possibilities for the owner to move the furnishings around according to their needs.

After the first few months cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, the third ARCADIA A105 has crossed the ocean and is now in the Caribbean, where an intense use has confirmed her excellent navigation features. The care taken in fitting out the interiors is another reason it is appreciated by the owner and guests.

Yet another achievement that underlines how, for ARCADIA YACHTS, furnishing does not simply mean placing a designer sofa or table on board – it means carefully choosing every detail to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of our yachts,” explains Francesco Ansalone, ARCADIA YACHTS Marketing & Communications manager. “Obviously, owners are free to choose according to their personal taste, but over the years we have gained experience and developed qualified partnerships that allow us to make suggestions to owners and assist them in a careful selection of furnishings, in the name of taste and quality. In the case of the Sea Coral 2, we enriched our experience working closely with the designer chosen by the owner and the professional support of Hot Lab design studio.”

Having carried out many prestigious projects in some of the most beautiful places in the world, such as Saint-Tropez, Paris, Formentera, Val d’Isère, Casa de Campo, etc. I had no doubts about accepting the task of working on board an ARCADIA A105,” says Alain Perrier, the owner’s designer. “If there is one yacht that makes a difference, it is this one: low on the water, with a sleek profile and a modern design. The ARCADIA A105 represents the art of experiencing relaxation, comfort and safety on board an exceptional yacht. That’s why I wanted to preserve the spirit and concept of the shipyard, while adding the owner’s personality through the decor.”

Like her sister ships, Sea Coral 2 is a 31.5 m long, 7.76 m wide yacht. The hull and deck are built in fibreglass while some of the veranda’s elements are made with aluminium. All this adds up with a full load displacement of 145 tonnes. The yacht is powered by a pair of MAN V8s engines (1,000 hp each).

The interior decor was created in collaboration with the owner’s personal designer and the support of Milan-based Hot Lab firm. Enrico Lumini, Partner and Head of Design at Hot Lab, was personally involved in the team. Let’s take a tour on board to discover the details that make up the essence of the A105 Sea Coral 2.

The aft cockpit on the main deck is open, a real patio with the aft section of the upper deck overlooking it. The folding side windows ensure perfect natural lighting and do not interrupt the visual contact with the surroundings, which can therefore be fully experienced in every season. Outdoor furniture from the Roda collection was chosen for the furnishings: chairs and sofas with a simple, slender galvanised structure, which are extremely practical because they are light and easy to move. The cushions are made of outdoor fabric and their colour, Klein Blue (named after the painter Yves Klein), a very intense electric blue, can be found all over the yacht in various elements. Gervasoni‘s ceramic poufs also come in this blue and have a “hybrid” function: they can be used as seats, but also as easily movable tables.

On the upper deck, directly aft of the bridge, this living hall is one of the distinctive features of the Sea Coral 2. The helm area is totally separate and this space fulfils a multifunctional role: it can be used as a more sheltered dining room (for when bad weather makes the main deck unsuitable) but it can also be a more private living area. The colour patterns hint at the white of the sky and the furniture, and the fabric of the sofa and chairs is a light shade, alternating with the natural teak of the floor and some of the furniture. The Quasar Holland ceiling light, combined with glossy white ceiling panels, creates a dramatic starry sky without the need for spotlights. The chairs come from the Maxalto collection: the standard model has been upholstered here with the same fabric as the sofa, which is made following the shipyard’s design. The B&B Italia table creates a chromatic contrast thanks to the dark colouring and the rounded design of the corners. The Tom Dickson lamp, on the other hand, was chosen because its colour (bronzed glass) and shape are reminiscent of a candle lantern.

The inner bow area of the main deck is another characteristic feature of the Sea Coral 2. The aim here was to create a room that could be used for two purposes, as an office or as a second VIP cabin, thanks to the presence of a sofa bed from the Living Divani collection, a practical item chosen for its very simple, linear profile. Here we find two poufs again, this time from the Cairo catalogue, used as coffee tables: their structure and fabric upholstery make them easy to move around as needed. The Royal Botania lamp is once again intended to bring to mind a lantern, more clearly than the other previously mentioned lamp. The day toilet, adjacent to this room, can be entirely dedicated to this area, transforming it into the second VIP cabin, which enjoys a truly enviable position and panorama. The touches of blue here are on the carpet, which ideally is a visual continuation that allows the sea to be perceived more closely.

Again, the bow office/VIP cabin seen from a different angle, allowing a glimpse of the connection with the other areas of the main deck and the doors to the bathroom and wardrobe. Here, the office area takes on particular prominence and is characterised by the Flos lamp, which can be greatly appreciated for its very sober and light design and the possibility of adapting to different uses.  Maxalto‘s chair was chosen for its unique ergonomics: this study was designed for intensive use and therefore the focus was on making it very comfortable and practical.

At the centre of the main deck is the large living area, which can be completely opened up on the sides. By folding down the bulwarks as well, two terraces overlooking the sea can be created, achieving a total width of no less than 11 metres. Here the sofas from the B&B Italia collection dominate the scene, chosen for their very simple and linear design, as they are undeniably comfortable and can also be customised. The fabric in particular was selected personally by the owner. The lamp from the Tom Dickson collection is a twin of the one seen in the upper deck lounge, once again chosen because reminiscent of candle lanterns. The fabric poufs are also by B&B Italia and in this case function purely as seats.

Reverse shot of the main living area on the main deck, this time highlighting the television and, in the foreground, the staircase leading to the upper deck. The chandelier from the Trizo 21 collection is still intended, albeit in a different design, to evoke the starry sky, once again avoiding the use of spotlights. There is also the opportunity to admire the B&B Italia sofas from a different angle, before the original pouf by India Mahdavi captures the eye: this recurring hybrid accessory can be used as a coffee table or seat as needed. In this case as well it is made of ceramic chosen for its particular “reflectance”; the colour is always Klein Blue.

One of the twin guest cabins on the lower deck, where the entire sleeping area is located. White was chosen and used extensively to increase the feeling of space. The Modular lamp is clearly in evidence, preferred among others because of its selectable dual function: a soft, upward-directed light in the cabin and a more localised light for reading below.

The VIP cabin is also on the lower deck, amidships and full-beam, to provide room for the bathroom and wardrobe area. Highlighted here are the two lamps that support the ceiling lighting: the two wall lights by CVL are a specific choice of the owner, while the Flos lamp was chosen for its versatility and different possibilities of use, as well as for its minimalist and timeless design.

Access to the full-beam owner’s cabin is via a completely independent aft staircase. A very different choice was made for the furnishings here, enhancing the uniqueness of this room with Cantalupi reading spotlights with a touch switch and decorated with woven leather. The wall lamps are CTO Lightning and were chosen for their dual high/low light, and because their bronze shade recalls the painting above the bed. The blue here is given by the carpet, which contrasts with the orange finish of the furniture. The Cassina armchair was selected for its particular upholstery: a very cool felt with a comfortable seat. It was also possible to customise it with special seam stitches.

The reverse view of the owner’s cabin highlights the TV’s central position: the owner’s access the bathroom is to the right, while the door to the left leads to the walk-in wardrobe. The Maxalto chair deserves to be mentioned: it is same model as the one in the upper deck study therefore chosen with the same selection criteria: above all, a very comfortable seat.

This view of the owner’s cabin highlights the office area, focusing on the lamp from the Flos collection, characterised by an informal and light design.