Hermes Speedster, a true show stopper


Boat and yacht lovers enjoy visiting boat shows to see the latest offerings and to meet like-minded people who share their passion for life on the water. 

The recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show was no different. The docks were busy and the energy was palpable. Along the main dock of the show, just across from a row of impressive megayachts, I observed a large crowd. People standing close to one another and looking down into the water. 

It’s obvious, I thought: they’re all probably enjoying the sight of a manatee in the water, mingling in the midst of boats on display. As I approached it became evident that something else was going on. I peered between a young couple standing on the front row, and here they were: two stunningly beautiful Seven Seas Speedsters, their timeless lines exuding sheer elegance and grace. We have reported about these boats in a previous issue, but this was the first time they were displayed at a major show for the public to see. Gleaming in pearl white and metallic green, these two boats were true show-stoppers. The enthusiasm and the crowd’s reaction spoke for itself. 

The Speedster is an exclusive, limited production 22ft gentleman’s dayboat. Its design was inspired by the legendary 1957 Porsche Speedster. The exterior lines and features and elements, such as the windshield and the air intakes, pay homage to the Porsche. The design inspiration continues inside. The instrument cluster is an immediate reminder, while the supportive bucket seats are identical to the Porsche’s and covered in durable, double-stitched, marine-grade leather. Seven Seas will finish the exterior of your boat to the paint color of your choice, even matching it to the color of your own Porsche, or any other vehicle for that matter. 

But the Speedster is not just about looks. Powered by a 170HP engine and reaching speeds of up to 50mph, the Speedster delivers the performance to match its beautiful looks. The build quality and workmanship are nothing short of first class. So much so that the official Porsche has featured the Speedster boat on its own website, endorsing what Seven Seas has created. 

No surprise then that Seven Seas Yachts Americas has already delivered six Speedsters to happy US owners. Seven Seas in Fort Lauderdale usually has a boat or two in stock. But if a custom, one-off, made-to-measure Speedster painted in the exterior color and dressed in the leather color of your choice is what you’re after, you better move fast. Seven Seas only builds 16 of these beauties per year.