80 Sunreef Power Eco catamaran

The World’s Most Advanced Electric Motor Yacht

Sunreef Yachts recently launched another electric 80 Sunreef Power Eco at its facilities in Gdansk, Poland. The ultramodern catamaran is equipped with two electric 180kW engines and has a 330kWh ultralight battery bank. The yacht also uses Sunreef Yachts’ revolutionary solar power system, with solar cells built into the composite bodywork to achieve unrivalled energy efficiency.

The 80 Sunreef Power Eco is the avant-garde of eco-responsible motoryachts. A fully-customizable luxury catamaran, this craft uses the latest innovations in the industry to achieve outstanding energy efficiency. Thanks to Sunreef Yachts’ light and ultramodern solar power system covering up to 200m², the 80 Sunreef Power maximizes solar energy generation with 36kWp of capacity.

The electric catamaran is fitted with a state of the art, ultralight battery bank (30% lighter than the average batteries used in the nautical industry) with a density of less than 5.2kg / kWh for increased weight-efficiency and performance.

The fully-electric 80 Sunreef Power provides for silent cruising and infinite range with electric engines powered from the dedicated battery bank. The hybrid version of the 80 Sunreef Power can combine the best of electric motoring with the advantages of thermal engines. The catamaran can be fitted with a kite for even more performance and autonomy.

Green features on board this four-cabin eco-cat include a DC-powered air conditioning system, a watermaking and purifying system to generate drinking water, a non-toxic bottom paint and natural composite structures. A fully customizable luxury craft, the 80 Sunreef Power electric catamaran offers infinite décor possibilities with furniture made of flax fiber and access to a broad selection of ethically-sourced and eco-responsible finishing materials. Standout features also include a jacuzzi on the bow terrace, an invisible aft garage, or an outdoor gym area.


80 Sunreef Power Eco 

Length: 23,8m 

Beam: 12m 

Number of passengers: 12+4 (crew) 

Solar panels: 33,4kWp 

Main engines: 2x180kW 

Range Extenders: 2x135kW 

Fuel capacity: 2x 4000L 

Batteries: 330kWh