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Ocean Alexander 90R
The “R” is for Radical - Maybe


Revolutionary, rebellious and radical – three “r” words that describe the new Ocean Alexander 90R. A complete departure from OA’s typical exteriors (and interiors for that matter), the new 90-footer is described as revolutionary by the company but what’s a revolution without a few radicals?

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The Azimut Grande 25

The Azimut Grande 25 is a yacht with a sleek profile sculpted in wind that hides spacious interiors. If the most important balance achieved by the exterior contours is between charm and technology, through the extensive use of Carbon-Tech and the sleek lines created by Stefano Righini, the one that sums up the essence of the Azimut Grande 25 Metri’s exteriors is the desire for elegance and informal charm. This is a pure two-deck yacht with extremely sporty, dynamic lines, whose large volumes don’t affect the boat’s seemingly light contours.

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Hacker-Craft tenders
Retro looks and technological advances make for the ultimate in elegance

Yacht tenders. They serve an obvious utilitarian purpose: to get owners and guests to and from the yacht. But they also make a statement about the yacht. Or as the people at Hacker-Craft suggest…tenders are “the luxury that starts long before you reach the yacht.”

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Once a small fishing village on southwestern France’s Basque coast, Biarritz was made fashionable after 1854 by the summer stays of Napoleon III and his Spanish-born empress, Eugénie. Also visited by European royalty like Queen Victoria, Edward VII of Great Britain, and Alfonso XIII of Spain, Biarritz began to call itself “the queen of resorts and the resort of kings.”

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COPPENHAGEN… one happy town.

Story & Images by MARÍA IRIONDO

Danish people have been named the happiest in the world. In spite of paying high taxes, their healthcare, transport and quality of life, according to some, makes them number one in happiness. It’s easy to understand why when you visit their colorful capital: Copenhagen.

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Scotland….from Skye to Orkney.

Story & Images by | Texto e imágenes por MARÍA IRIONDO

The Inner Hebrides boast some of the most dramatic landscapes in Scotland:, quaint harbors kissed by chilly Atlantic waters, towering cliffs, emerald green valleys and superb scenic trails.

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Diving & Snorkeling Adventure: Turks & Caicos

By Tanya G Burnett & Kevin Palmer - www.islandexposure.us

These islands are as relaxing as it gets for most island-hopping yachtsmen and airline borne visitors. Uncrowded anchorages and beaches are a stone’s throw from awesome snorkeling, small restaurants and historical buildings. And then there is that blue… that mesmerizing shade of turquoise blue. It’s everywhere and positively breathtaking. --> Read more





Diving & Snorkeling Adventure: Florida snorkel adventures

By Tanya G Burnett & Kevin Palmer - www.islandexposure.us

Unique snorkel experiences in Florida including reefs, mangroves and manatees featured in three spectacular spots: Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, Biscayne National Underwater Park, and Crystal River.

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