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The all New Vicem Yachts 46' IPS

Vicem Yachts is proud to introduce the V46 IPS - the very first model of the new Vicem IPS. This model is the first Vicem built in fiberglass/epoxy, in this size. Light, sturdy, and with a beam of 14',9'', it has sufficient interior volume to allow the owner to choose between spacious two and three cabin designs.

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Hurricanes and global warming

In the last month, Harvey violently flooded Houston, Irma devastated Barbuda destroying 95% of the island's infrastructure and its 1800 inhabitants had to be evacuated to neighboring Antigua. Maria's blow to Puerto Rico was brutal as the island was still suffering from Irma's aggression just one week before. At our Autumn issue's printing time, 100% of the island's electricity grid was ruined and 75% of homes lacked running water. Similar desperate scenarios took place throughout other Caribbean islands.

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MOXIE 37 Island Hopper - Purpose built to cruise the islands… any islands.

Article by Bill Ando, featured in YTM #1, Spring 2010.

Once thought not to be real sailboats by the conservative sailing establishment, multihulls have come to be accepted over the years. Just look at the Caribbean bareboat fleets. With two giant multihulls ready to duel it out for the America’s Cup, the nonbelievers are going to get quite a show.


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Ushuaia, The end of the world

Text by Silvia Dudiuk | Photos by Alfredo Sánchez

Nature, beauty and mystique at their finest. The planet's southernmost region, where myths and tales continue to be spun.

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Cruising the Spanish Virgin Islands,
by Nancy Birnbaum

The Spanish Virgin Islands are fast becoming the hot destination for yachting and cruising. Just 15-20 nm from the US and British Virgin Islands, six nm from the east coast of Puerto Rico, the SVI’s are also referred to as the "Passage Islands”. 


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Trail of the Gentle Giants, by Rodrigo Olson
& Belinda Braithwaite

It was January and we’d spent the last few weeks following a group of Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus), crisscrossing the upper half of the Sea of Cortez on the 40ft sloop Balaena, listening and recording their sounds as well as tracking their movements. 

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Diving & Snorkeling Adventure: Turks & Caicos

By Tanya G Burnett & Kevin Palmer - www.islandexposure.us

These islands are as relaxing as it gets for most island-hopping yachtsmen and airline borne visitors. Uncrowded anchorages and beaches are a stone’s throw from awesome snorkeling, small restaurants and historical buildings. And then there is that blue… that mesmerizing shade of turquoise blue. It’s everywhere and positively breathtaking. --> Read more





Diving & Snorkeling Adventure: Florida snorkel adventures

By Tanya G Burnett & Kevin Palmer - www.islandexposure.us

Unique snorkel experiences in Florida including reefs, mangroves and manatees featured in three spectacular spots: Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, Biscayne National Underwater Park, and Crystal River.

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